There is NEVER enough time…

Ever since I was a child I have had an obsession for all “things” Disney.  I think it is because of the message that is everywhere about following your dreams and believing in the impossible.  I never have fit into the perfect box.  My family was different, my friends were different, and the world of Disney made me feel like that all did not matter.  Because of my love for Disney, I relate to two very different characters often in my own life, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland.  Although I could write about various times when my curiosity, like Alice, took me to new places in my life and work, where I too felt like I fell down a rabbit hole lost and confused, however, for this article I want to share more about me as Cinderella and the lessons I have learned.

Between being a mom, wife, graduate student, professional learning consultant, Microsoft Innovative Education Expert Fellow, and district administrator for a large school district, I feel like I am constantly chasing tasks I want to get done versus the tasks I need to get done as support in all my different roles.  This is the Cinderella in me.  I get up early and go to bed late hoping to have time to get everything ready for myself to get to the ball, however, there is always something else that needs to be done in order to get the job done.  I think all people who are “type-A-go-getters” like me feel this way, however, it is comforting for me to relate to a Disney princess that ends up having all her dreams come true.   Hard work and sacrifice do make a difference, but we all need to remember to take a little time for ourselves.  Even Cinderella made it to the ball with a little help and she still remained true to herself in the end.

I started this online blog chat last year hoping to share my thoughts each week.  As I took more on in my personal life and work life, I had less time to do the activities that I wanted to get done.  I know better than that… I need to take time for myself and to continue to reflect on my own journey as a life-long learner, professional educator, and as a super awesome mom and wife.  So that is my message for this week.  Take time out to be the Cinderella Princess or Charming Prince you want to be.  Go to the ball, read a book, take a trip, watch a show, or reflect on a blog, if that is what makes you smile.  Everyone has time to take a break and breathe before the clock strikes midnight.  Then the chaos of life can start again.



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