May Thoughts

Every year as the school year ends, I reflect on all the opportunities I had to meet new people and to make connections with other educators all over.  This year has been both rewarding and challenging like all the previous years in this profession.  However, I still believe in my heart it is worth it.  Especially with days like today, when I got to spend 2 hours with the 18-21 Special Needs Adult program in one of our high schools.  We discussed digital citizenship and accessibility tools online.  I again learned more from them then I think they learned from me.  However, they did invite me back again, so I think the lessons went well.

As the school year ends, the students in your classroom or classes will move on and go different ways.  Just as you will remember them and the crazy stunts they might have tried, they will also remember you.  They may not remember every lesson you taught them this year or bits of good advice you shared.  However, they will always remember you and how much you cared to make a difference in their education. I guarantee they will someday share stories reminiscing with friends or telling their own children about the “good old days” and their adventures in your classroom for years to come .

As I continue to reflect on my own practice this year, I hope I inspired, empowered, and educated teachers from a district level to make new connections with others and make at least one new reflection about themselves and their practice. Using the title of Dr. Marzano’s book, I often say , it is not the Art and Science of Teaching, it is actually, The Art and Science of Reflection, that makes a real difference.

Thank you to anyone taking the time to read this post and reflect.  As a learning community we owe it to ourselves and our students to continue to learn and grow as educators.  We do make a difference.  Thank you for all you do.

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