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As part of your professional development and support system, use Microsoft Forms to develop a survey for your staff and families to get an idea of what type of training or support they may need. In addition to asking questions about external resources, surveys about confidence levels or beliefs about using digital tools to support education can help your team plan for the type of support that is needed.

Why it Matters…

In the first days of any educational system, there is a period of gathering information. We are gathering information about our staff, the families in our schools, and the community resources available. We start planning for diagnostic assessments to create instructional supports and systems to meet the needs of our students based on our instructional calendar of the year. This is the same concept. Your team at a district or school level needs to gather the information about the community you support to develop baseline data to build the system you need for support. This also provides a structure for assessing and evaluating your work to understand the impact of the work that was done. Know thy impact, so that you can reflect and continuously improve the system.

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Duplicate Link Microsoft Form:

The link above is to a duplicate form that you can use to make your own assessment for your system. It is an example of the type of forms we used in our district to assess the needs of our staff, students, and families. The form I developed to share with you contains sample questions on confidence skill levels, as well as questions that apply to beliefs and instructional practice. Please use this form as an example and support to create shorter surveys for various members in your learning organization. This is just a stepping stone of the resources you can create to help support and build your system.